Our Mission for our Planet + People

More Than Swim UK does not want to profit from the destruction of our planet and the unfair mistreatment of others.

More Than Swim is trying to research and implement sustainable, ethical and eco-conscious practices.

Ethical production

  • More Than Swim stands for ethical production. All garments are proudly produced in the UK to reduce our footfall and our environmental impact.
  • Fare wages are paid.
  • With great working conditions and facilities provided for the workers including, free tea, coffee, fruit and a gym!

 Carbon footprint 

The fashion industry is the world's 2nd most polluting industry after Petroleum. 

This is why our production is based in the UK so that we can maintain a small carbon footprint, as well as choosing to use eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practises. 



I use a production process where my designs are directly transferred onto the fabric with eco-friendly inks.

These inks are digitally printed to size and then cut and sewn without the edition of elastic in the seams.

The direct transfer of inks onto the fabric by passes nasty chemicals going into our water systems, fast fashion is killing our rivers and lakes!

The garments are then printed and cut to size, to  reduce fabric waste.

In the future, as More Than Swim grows as a company, I hope to introduce carefully considered sustainable fabrications in my production. 


Eco-friendly packaging and shipping 

All eco-friendly cards and stickers are sourced from small UK companies.

All swimwear packaging is recyclable and some parts are compostable with everything being sourced from British based companies. This is important to me because I want to help to boost our local economy.


Giving Back - Charitable donations 

A donation is made from each website sale to the UK charity Ocean generation, who endeavour to reduce the use of single use plastics and the damage done to our oceans and environmental wildlife.

All postage is also offset from each order with a donation to an Amazon jungle conservation Charity.




Plus when you purchase from More Than Swim UK (on my website) you will have the option at checkout to pay $1 (approx. £0.71p GBP) to plant a tree 🌳.