Sustainability and Design

More than swim UK, 

Swimwear made proper: with slow fashion, sustainability and ethical practices.


I put careful consideration into each design; fit, construction, fabrication, pattern placement, garment style. I want you too feel the most confident you can whilst when wearing my garments. I also want you to feel good about wearing swimwear that you know has been environmentally and ethically made.

The fashion industry is the world's 2nd most polluting industry after Petroleum. This includes using half a trillion gallons of fresh water in the dyeing of textiles.

These dyes are often discharged into nearby rivers and eventually lead into the sea. These areas of pollution have shown a dramatic rise in diseases. Partly due to the use of highly toxic chemicals.

At More than swim, we use only modern light weight luxury swimwear fabrics, that have great wash and drying properties. That are also have a lightweight look and feel, with the added bonus of having SPF50+. 

We adopt a process where we use eco-friendly inks which are directly transferred onto the fabric. The fabric is then (which has also been printed to size and shape shape), cut and sewn thus reducing our environmental impact.



All printed swimwear is made with original and exclusive More than swim UK designs inspired by endangered species.

Sustainability is key, so all garments are handmade to order for you in the UK by expert seamstresses. With their construction expertise they make robust perfectly sewn garments that have longevity so are perfect for the general swimmer and the wild summer alike!

Great for creating memories!


Hi! I'm Sandra Palmer

As the owner of More than swim. I believe:

#1 Swimwear should be inclusive of size.

#2 Swimwear should be gorgeous but functional.

#3 Your swimwear should last!

#4 Garments should be produced to reduce environmental damage and we should be reducing our carbon footprint.

About Sandra

I'm a University trained Contour designer with over 10 years experience with my own business's (Contour design is making garments that are worn close to the body, so that includes swimwear and lingerie.) When I design a garment quality and comfort go hand in hand with aesthetics.
I have a passon for sustainability and ethical treatment of others.



All our packaging is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

I donate a proportion of sales to Plastic oceans UK a non-profit organisation solving the plastic pollution crisis. 

I also offset the carbon footprint of each delivery by also donating to charities based in the Amazon jungle to conserve and preserve stress and wildlife.