So you want to shop sustainably but you also want or need to spread your costs? Who doesn't with the cost of living crisis atm... 

Although, shopping sustainably is an investment in yourself and our beautiful planet! Because its been made ethically it's a bit more expensive because no-one has had to suffer for your garment to be made! 
Well, I've had a long think and with abit of research i've had a look at your options. 
I think that the choices I have on offer are good because:
1. there's a no hassel set up, you just use your PayPal account! Or use the intergrated SHOP PAY system at checkout to split your payment and select the pay in 3 option. 
2. Like other paying installment companies you pay in 3 but unilke others with Paypal, it's interest free and there are 0 fees.