Conscious Crafting

They said (1) Make them abroad. 

(2) Make them as cheaply as you can!

They said (3) you need to keep lots of stock because people want next day delivery!

But I've learnt that (1) this leads to less quality control over what I produce and a higher carbon footprint.

(2) I'm an ethical & sustainable brand so it's important that I make garments that are built to last. With a workforce that's treated right with little or no impact on our fragile environment.

(3)  I pay ALL my suppliers upfront. That way no-one goes hungry!

Each design highlights an endangered spieces so your not only wearing art your raising awarness about the plight of a beautiful creature.
I love the planet. 🌏
And I also know it’s our responsibility to keep it clean, healthy, and thriving.

That’s why i’ve made our products with sustainability in mind, and here’s how:

I use:

  • The made to order process (no over production here!)
  • Reliable and proven construction methods.
  • Planet friendly inks.
  • A waterless production method to reduce the pollution cause by the fashion industry.
  • All garments are printed and cut to size to reduce waste.
  • I work with a London based manufacturer who's work force that has an onsite gym, free tea, coffee, water and snacks.
  • I use responsibily sourced recycled, recyclable and compostable packaging.

I know that we all have the power to create change and make good choices, so we can all keep doing what we do, for years to come!

Did you know you're an actual Super hero!🦹🏽‍♀️🦹

Why you ask?

Because you're doing "More" every time you purchase from More Than Swim, an automatic donation is made from your purchase, to plant a tree 🌳! We're working in collaboration with Ecologi!

Plus your postage is offset with With carbon neutral postage With a donation from each sale going towards cutting-edge companies that remove carbon from the air including Running Tide.

Each sale goes towards:

  • Carbon neutral shipping.
  • Removal of atmospheric carbon
  • The storage of carbon for 1000+ years
  • & Solutions like ocean-based removal and direct air capture.

    I love my job 🥰💚

    (Your helping to rebuild the Earth's lungs!) By virtually rolling your sleeves up and doing your bit for our enviroment! That's got to feel good 👍🏼🤗. 

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