My Why



Leafing through magazines and walking around the shops we are inundated with a cultural idea of beauty. We are bombarded with images of long legged, tanned,  slim and probably heavily photoshopped women. But guess what girls… it’s a load of rubbish! 

I founded MORE THAN SWIM because I was tired of never seeing people like me looking happy in beautiful swimsuits.

Finding swim focused products that were sustainably and ethically made in the UK was hard. It's hard enough ladies you know! wearing such little clothing in public! So clothing that felt beautiful and empowering was soo important! When I did choose a swimsuit, it fell to pieces and contributed to the damaging industry of FAST fashion. So, I knew my designs had to be constructed well (so we would get many years out of each item which would justify the craftsmanship hence your purchase.)

To overcome this problem, I set about creating a collection with classic silhouettes, that I knew would look gorgeous on every BODY. To give your bodies the glamour and individuality they sooo deserve, I create bespoke hand illustrated designs that you can’t find anywhere else. All designed to make you look and feel phenomenal! 

I’m here to celebrate you AND the beautiful planet we live on. 

The fashion industry is the world's 2nd most polluting industry after Petroleum.  

This is why our production is based in the UK so that we can maintain a small carbon footprint, as well as choosing to use eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practises. Everything is made on demand, so we only produce what we need. 

As a child of the 70' and 80's without the (Internet) life was a lot slower, you played out, you didn't watch soo much TV. I don't know if it was because I was young but life seemed a lot less complicated.

And when it came down to shopping, I don't remember things being soo cheap in comparison and I don't remember clothes not lasting soo long! If you ordered something it was by post and your transaction took at least 2 weeks! (If it was 2 weeks then that was pretty good!!)

You respected the time it took to produce and you respected the quality of the goods, the craftsmanship and who made it. Life seemed more respectful of crafts.

That's why it's important for me to have a brand where People, Planet and Wildlife are at the centre of it ♻️.

And that's why I also use the Preorder model. We have to get used to waiting! I've joined the 30 pledge. It's where before you buy an item of clothing, think can I wear this garment at least 30x's and I'm pleased to say my customers do! 💙🌊.

You can read more about my mission here! 

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