My Story

Hi! I'm Sandra Palmer


As the owner of More than swim. I believe:

#1 Swimwear should be inclusive of size.

#2 Swimwear should be gorgeous but functional.

#3 Your swimwear should last!

#4 Garments should be produced to reduce environmental damage and we should be reducing our carbon footprint.

About Sandra

I'm a University trained Contour designer with over 10 years experience with my own business's (Contour design is making garments that are worn close to the body, so that includes swimwear and lingerie.) When I design a garment quality and comfort go hand in hand with aesthetics.
I have a passion for sustainability and ethical treatment of others.

I’ve always loved art. I can vividly remember doodling in my books at school and drawing abstract patterns along the edge of my work book and then colouring them in.  I used to have a fashion drawing book and one for still life.

I remember the headmaster's wife at junior school teaching my class hand stitching. And me proudly bringing home a hand stitched green felt whale. My journey didn’t end there, and at secondary school (we had sewing machine classes) I made a brightly coloured floral themed appliqué cushion! I have also tried knitting, painting (I loved watching Watercolour challenge back in the day.) And photography (a medium I use in my print work), which i found a passion for during my foundation art course.

Art is a passion for me, so of course i start an art based business.

Some of my passion for design can be attributed to my late father, who was a tailor by trade in Jamaica and a Lorry driver when he arrived in the UK. Some of my favourite memories were watching him cut and sew Saville row worthy trousers on his trusty Singer sewing machine. My hope is that I am passing his legacy on and making him proud.

I love colour and I love to use bright, clashing, vibrant and bold colours in my print work. I want to create unique things of beauty, you can’t get anywhere else. My garments are designed so that you feel beautiful and confident.  

So you ask what makes me an authority in swimwear design?

Well, I graduated from DMU in Leicester with a BA(Hons) in Contour design. Where I learn't how to design, pattern cut and sew garments that contour the body. Including swimwear, lingerie and corsetry.

I am trained, to make great looking garments, that are not only comfortable but body enhancing and fit you like a glove.

I try my best to source and make products; that have have a reduced environmental impact. Including my packaging which is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

My production includes using eco-friendly inks which are heat transferred onto the fabric so there are no nasty chemicals left in our water system. It's also important to me that that my suppliers, manufacturers and their team are paid a fair wage.

Going forward; in 2019 I embarked on a crowdfunding campaign, where my focus was to create swimwear with one of kind prints that focus on ‘Ocean plight awareness.’

I want to continue designing collections around my eco message. This is something I feel really passionate about. And I would like you to join me on my journey xx.