Why I use art!

So you ask! Why do I use original illustrations to adorn my work?

I've never been one to conform to standard and I want to create an experience for you with products that are truly unique, standout with messages that mean something. It's not just about creating a brand with any old art but giving you a platform to shout about your beliefs and subjects you stand by! And issues that mean something to YOU!


I AM A CREATOR, and I'm passionate about sharing art that means something and brings joy into your life! 


My SOULS purpose is to bring about positive change in the world by the only way I know, I can. And that is by sharing things I am passionate about, through a medium that I'm equally passionate about.


Art is a universal language, one that unites us all.


I've always been "an artist" so it was natural for me to use this as a medium to get my message out there!


Through my art I aim to raise awarness about endangered spieces, our beautiful environment and awaken the tools in YOU to love yourself. 


Phew!! It sounds like a lot but it's comes under one word is UNITE!


You can read more about my purpose and what I do as a business for : People Planet and wildlife here.