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I founded MORE THAN SWIM because I was tired of never seeing people like me looking happy in beautiful swimsuits. When I did choose a swimsuit, it fell to pieces and contributed to the damaging industry of FAST fashion.

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It's all in the Detail

Swimwear for EVERY BODY

Lowering your carbon foot print | Maximising your sass!


Do you care about the enviroment & want to make a positive impact? Then More Than Swim UK is for you!


🇬🇧 British made & handcrafted to order; Sustainable swimwear, apparel, beauty & lifestyle accessories for women.


Based on original handdrawn art inspired by endangered spieces!


Wear timeless Planet Friendly Prints | Be Fearless | Feel Confident | Look Beautiful



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NEW IN | The Menswear Collection

You asked and i've delivered, just in time for your hoildays!


Made with the same love care, for our planet and people!



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The LOVE collection ♥

A contemporary collection of every day pieces centred travel, lifestyle and of course LOVE ❤.... 

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Wall art

Swimming focused and endangered spieces awarness art, printed on archival eco-friendly paper in the UK.

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