Collection: Pink river dolphin - Barbie inspired collection

Introducing my small but ooh soo fabulous new collection.
More Than Swim is about body positivity and female empowerment and that's what I feel this new movie also represents. I'm a feminist and I want to raise my fellow females spirits and self belief. I love love love that Barbie is available in all shapes, sizes and abilities so that everyone can feel included.
I truly believe that "every BODY is gorgeous." And that No "BODY" should miss out on this fabulous collection because of their size or shape! Barbie of course is universal! 💕 With this in mind (I specialise in making swimwear and clothing, in classic shilohettes with original illustrations that look gorgeous on every BODY) each clothing item has been made available in XS-4XL. It is an important for me to represent ALL women especially in a world where we are often subjected to unrealistic beauty standards.
I also highlight the plight of endangered spieces through my wearable art. This collection centres on the Endangered Pink river dolphin that lives in the Amazon but due to contamination of rivers and lakes that they live in. 
More Than Swim wants to make the world a better place for us humans including the way we feel about ourselves and each other! I want to reduce and reverse environmental damage so that we and the wildlife that inhibits the earth like the Pink river dolphin, can thrive!

I hope you enjoy! 
  • For each sale a tree is planted. 
  • Your order is sent with carbon neutral postage.
  • And 1% percent of your sale goes towards solutions that help remove ocean-based removal and direct air capture of carbon.