Challenge #1- #morethanswimletssave2020

Challenge #1- #morethanswimletssave2020

With the World on lockdown with Covid-19.

I was thinking, what ideas can i come up with to encourage us to support each other that has a  positive impact on our communities and us as individuals. I was thinking short and long term future.

I thought, what about all the money were going to save not going out! Why not do a savings challenge!

So with this in mind, I'm challenging YOU to put down £20's a week or £50's a month (or whatever you can afford even loose change!) Or what you would have otherwise spent on going out or something trivial in a separate bank account or in a tin. 

At the end of the 3 months in self isolation let me know if this was a success and what your going to treat yourself to or if your going to continue saving!

This is perfect if you want to save for a holiday! I know I'm going to need one! I was thinking a few days in a local Spa would be lovely! In one of my swimming cossies!! What's your aim?

Dm, email or use the hashtag #morethanswimletssave2020 and or morethanswimrainyday please keep me updated before, during and after!

Happy saving!!! 

Here's a link to your progress sheet!


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