Back in the swim 🏊‍♀️ 🥽🩱

Back in the swim 🏊‍♀️ 🥽🩱


I'm excited to announce that this week, I will be venturing out to continue my swimming journey.

Because of the pandemic, being vulnerable myself, and having vulnerable relatives it wasn't something i could keep doing during covid-19.

But with everything seeming to open up as normal 🤞🏽, i have my 1st swim in town. Alright it's not wild swimming as of yet but it will be! There will hopefully be a place quite near me opening up in time for the summer. If not I'm going to travel further a field. 

I am though feeling a bit rusty its my 1st session for a few years so i'm hoping to get some one to one lessons to look at my technique. To be honest i've not had my technique critiqued since school and i'm in my 40's!! This is an important investment in myself! And is especially important before I venture into wild swimming!. We have to respect the water!

I'm also hoping for a good dose of oxytocin (swimming was always my happy place!)


As you can see, I'm busy getting my bag ready for Wednesday including my swimming goggles, my More Than Swim Leopard printed swimsuit (images of me will be coming soon!) My towel, Soul swimming cap, and a new product I'm trialing a More Than Swim logo printed wet bag (in the photo below, i'm also trialing another design, i will keep you updated in another blog post!)

There are a few more items to add to my bag. I'll let you know how i get on.

Speak soon friends 😊!

Sandra xxx




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