Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #Blog 1.

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #Blog 1.

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming.

Blog 1# Anna James. @calmcavecreations 
(As seen wearing the Sea turtle print swimsuit and face mask)

Hello, this is the first of a personal blog with Q & A’s with ‘Wild swimmer’s’

1. First of all I'd like to ask you about your connection to wild swimming and how it makes you feel?

Wild swimming is so much more than just getting wet. For me it’s a connection to nature. It’s soaking up the minerals and natural nutrients. It’s watching a glorious kingfisher fly just above my head. It’s the baby fish pecking at your feet and hiding behind your legs. It’s the dazzling dragonfly that came and landed on my hand not once but twice in 5 minutes.


2. How long have you been wild swimming for?

I’ve scuba dived since I was 18 and have adored water all my life. I used to swim 8 times a week as a child. Since having children the opportunity for scuba diving has been limited. When we moved out of the city 4 years ago, I saw the opportunity to start river swimming and haven’t looked back.

3. How do you feel it benefits you, especially since you have taken up wild swimming? What changes have you seen in yourself? E.g. are you calmer? Are you sleeping better?

For me it’s pure relaxation and I often can go into meditation whilst floating in a river. Looking at the light reflecting on top the water in amongst the black and inky shadows. It’s the health benefits of what cold water does to your body. Sending blood flow to your vital
organs. Making you feel alive. In rivers I float on my back like a star and can literally meditate
without sinking.

It’s a massive sensory experience - one that I love to introduce others too.
They yelp with cold, might not get the floating meditation but they always come out smiling.

It definitely relaxes me, makes me smile. All fresh air and exercise helps with getting a good nights sleep. Plus the wonderful thing about swimming is you aren’t damaging your joints. It’s a kind way to exercise for your body.

4. How often do you participate in wild swimming?

April to Sept I wild swim about once a week. I would go more if I could.

5. What features do you look for in your swimwear?

I’m an underwater photographer and I buy swimwear for work but because I can do an 8 hour shift in a chlorine filled swimming pool, so I go for chlorine resistant swimwear.
However for holidays and river swimming I like to buy swimmers that make me feel happy, and pull my tummy in! And support my boobs. I usually wear halter neck type swimmers for good support and attractive for shape. Mostly I look for swimmers that support my post 2 x c sections tummy.
I do think adults can fall into the habit of living in dark and boring colours but I feel if you wear bright and vibrant colours it will help make you feel happier.

6. How often you buy swimwear for wild swimming?

Because I have children I’m cash poor so I only buy for myself when I have to or when there is a sale. Maybe that’s something I need to think about and choose to pamper myself more often!

7. Do you have a wild swimming kit?

I travel to the river with swimmers on under a dress. I take a towel and swimproof shoes as the rivers are stony underfoot . After I just throw a dress back on top. No cubicles required. I might take a towel to sit down in comfort and also a flask of tea or a cold drink in hot weather. 

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