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World Water Day 22nd March 2022

World Water Day 22nd March 2022

World Water Day 2022. This years theme is - Ground water.

World Water Day has been celebrated every year on the 22nd March since 1993.

The day was set up by the UN to raise awareness of the 2.2 billion people living in the world without safe access to clean water. 

It was designed to inspire global action, with the UN well on it's way to achieving its goal of safe water for all by 2030.

Quote :

"In 2022, the World Water Day campaign is led by the UN-Water Expert group on climate and water. 

The theme of World Water Day 2022 is Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible. The theme aims to highlight how important groundwater is to our environment. Here are a few groundwater facts: 

  • Groundwater contributes to around half of all our drinking water.
  • Groundwater provides 40% of water for irrigated agriculture.
  • Communities that don't have access to safe water look to groundwater as an alternative source of drinking."


What is ground water?

Ground water is water that has travelled down from the soil surface and collected in the spaces between sediments and the cracks within rock is called groundwater.


What is More Than Swim doing?

Although ground water isn't directly linked to our seas, More Than Swim is active in trying to preserve our water systems including our rivers and streams. 


Ethical production

  • I stand for ethical production. Everything I do is proudly produced in the UK to reduce our footfall and our environmental impact.
  • I work only with manufactures that pay fare wages.
  • I work with small UK businesses to bring you the best!
  • Interms of my swimwear production my suppliers openly create great working conditions and facilities for there workers and colleagues including, free tea, coffee, fruit and a gym!


 Carbon footprint 

  • The fashion industry is the world's 2nd most polluting industry after Petroleum. 
  • This is why our production is based in the UK so that we can maintain a small carbon footprint, as well as choosing to use eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practises. 


Manufacturing of the swimwear.

  • All prints are made with planet friendly inks, with a waterless print process so we don't do more damage to our fragile seas!
  • No elastic is used in the swimsuit seams, (there's a clever machine that produces the tension!)
  • Waste is minimised by printing your garments to size.
  • In the future, as More Than Swim grows as a company, I hope to introduce carefully considered sustainable fabrications in my production. 


Giving Back - Charitable donations 

A donation is made from each website sale to the UK charity Ocean generation, who endeavour to reduce the use of single use plastics and the damage done to our oceans and environmental wildlife. All postage is also offset from each order with a donation to an  Amazon Jungle conservation charity. Plus when you purchase from More Than Swim UK (on my website) you will have the option at checkout to pay $1 (approx. £0.71p GBP) to plant a tree 🌳.



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