World Water Day 2023

World Water Day 2023


Today is World Water day 💧. And this year's theme is: Project everyone. That means that if we all do something together we can make a difference. With that in mind I've added a link to a list of things YOU can do to make a change, including:

💧Turning off sleeping tech. Currently, 90% of power generation is water intensive. Turning off our devices when we’re not using them means less energy needs to be produced. 

Please feel free to have a look and and please feel free to share! The more the merrier! And please tap reply 💌 and let me know if you have any takes.

P.s These are three of the most popular actions in the UK and Europe:

Save water: Take shorter showers and don’t let the tap run when brushing my teeth, doing dishes and preparing food.

Stop polluting: Don’t put food waste, oils, medicines and chemicals down my toilet or drains.

Eat local: Buy local, seasonal food and look for products made with less water.

Do you have any takes?

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