Happy International Womens Day 2023

Happy International Womens Day 2023




On this International Women's Day, I'm filled with gratitude and awe for all the remarkable women who have paved the way for us and who continue to inspire me every day. 


From the unsung heroes in our families and communities to the women who are leading the charge for change on a global scale, I honor you and your unwavering strength, resilience, and courage. 


As a woman-led business, I'm proud to be part of this incredible sisterhood and to stand alongside you in the fight for equality, justice, and a better world for all. Today, let's raise our voices, lift each other up, and celebrate the power and beauty of being a woman.


Please read this lovely article written by Caroline Matthews from Healthy Magazine especially for International Womans day and the importance of perspective and loving yourself as you are everyday! And how wearing More Than Swim is a metaphor for feeling: fierce, flexible, eco-conscious and a f-free woman!



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