Climate action

Climate action

🌍 There's a lot of talk about climate change atm. Of course with the immense heat we are having in the UK and across the world!

🇬🇧 We're all proper feelin it! 🔥! To be honest the infrastructure of the UK isn't built for this extreme heat.
At times its felt unbearable. (I've done a reel on a few tips for how I've tried to beat the heat)

But what can we do about it? There's been talk that global warming can still be reversed. I am looking forward to hear how the government's are going to work towards this.

But if we all start doing something and look at making sustainable choices, changes can happen. We're not looking at perfect, we're looking at alot of people making a conservative effort to do right.

At More Than Swim every effort is made to create a business that looks after the PEOPLE, PLANET and WILDLIFE. Including putting US and YOU at the enter of reversing our carbon emissions with a portion of your purchase donated to @OceanGeneration a charity that seeks to end the use of single use plastic within a generation.

🌊 & PLANET a charity that funds companies that are proving, scaling, and commercialising climate solutions for massive impact in the long term. 

👣You can read about my mission via by clicking on this link 👆🏽.

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