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Pre-order - Sustainable Shark printed swimsuit

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"I love my swimsuit. The pattern is gorgeous and it fits great and is very flattering. Can’t wait to wear it more when lock down is over." - Emma


This exclusive Great white shark printed swimsuit is perfect for those of us who want to swim wild and free. 

Fully lined but lightweight! Figure enhancing confidence boosting with a secure fit so you just have to enjoy your swim.
Plus this contemporary printed swimsuit looks great on all skin shades.


🏊‍♀️ 👙🩱🥽 Quick drying, perfect for when your outdoor swimming.

🪶 Light-weight, the closest you'll feel to nature without being naked. Fully lined for body confidence and a secure fit so you can enjoy your swim without worrying about any accidental slip ups!

🥰 Size inclusive, no one should miss out!

👣🌍 Made for the eco-conscious with prints that are directly transferred with eco-friendly inks, so no nasties are transferred into our water systems. 🐅🐆🐍🐢🦈

🇬🇧 Ships in 2 weeks. Sustainably made by pre-order in the UK.

💝 Gorgeous eco-friendly fsc packaging. Ooh that feeling you get when you unwrap a beautiful present.....



Size & Fit: Garments fit true to size
XS - 4XL



Pictures and video show Anna wearing a medium swimsuit.




 The Plight of the Great White Shark. 

The Great white shark is known as fierce but it plays an important role in our ecosystem and keeping our oceans healthy.


According to the Guardian, a recent survey completed as a part of the Census for Marine Life, has found that there are only some 3,500 individual Great Whites left in the wild — around the same number of tigers that conservationists believe are left. And shark populations are plummeting around the world — the Great White being no exception. The sharks are being killed from collisions with shipping vessels and from overfishing.

But while we've seen a bevy of photo essays and articles lamenting the diminishing numbers of tigers, it seems like the fish that inspired Jaws gets next to no love. And herein lies the Great White's problem — marine conservationists think that the shark may go extinct long before the tiger, simply because nobody cares as much. People have a negative opinion of Great Whites; they're afraid of them. Incidents of shark attacks have been ingrained in the public conscious, and as a result, most are more cavalier about the species demise.