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We're off setting our carbon footprints!

For each website sale we're off setting our carbon footprint by partnering with Offset. So each time you purchase from the More than swim website you're protecting forests in the fight against climate change.

neutralising your emissions and protecting forests.

We are currently funding the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project in the Amazon Rainforest, a Verified Carbon Standard project certified by Pachama.

Top 5 Eco Friendly Products Used in Daily Life

This Guest post was written by Maya Vertigans; Founder of https://sustainercontainer.co.uk/ 

Maya had difficulty in her quest to find the perfect eco-friendly gift for her sister who at that time was going to University. She in the end gave her her Aloe Vera plant.

This lead to her starting Sustainer container which sells cost effective eco-friendly and ethical, plastic free and waste free everyday alternatives for everyday living.