Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. 

Blog #7 Cheryl J Muir who is pictured wearing the Snake print swimsuit.

 Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7


1. First of all I'd like to ask you about your connection to wild swimming and how it makes you feel?
After wild swimming I feel energized, alive and lit up. During the swim I feel very grounded and connected to nature. It’s very calming for the mind. I find that even if it’s an early swim and I’m driving up to the lake at 7am feeling a little tired, I always feel incredible afterwards. It’s a guaranteed mood-lifter!  

2. How long have you been wild swimming for?

I’m still very new. I only started wild swimming in July of this year. If I have any regrets about wild swimming it’s that I didn’t start sooner. It’s truly become a passion of mine in such a short time.

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7

3. How do you feel it benefits you, especially since you have taken up wild swimming?

I’ve faced a lot of fear during wild swimming. I have a massive fear of deep water and it makes me feel quite terrified. So wild swimming has been a form of exposure therapy for me and a way of facing this fear and overcoming it. This transfers to every area of my life and makes me feel more courageous. If I’m dealing with a business situation that brings up fear for me, I know I can handle it. I tell myself, “Hey if I can swim through a lake with a depth of 200ft… I KNOW I can do this!”

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7

4.  What changes have you seen in yourself, example are you calmer, are you sleeping better?
As well as feeling more courageous, I also feel calmer and more centred in myself. It’s also helped me to make like-minded friends locally and increase my social circle. As someone who doesn’t drink, the pub scene completely isn’t for me, so it’s been great to meet wonderful people at the same time as doing an activity we all love.

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7

5.    How often do you participate in wild swimming?
I go wild swimming twice per week, usually on Thursday and Saturday mornings. Fortunately I’m in the Lake District, which is a prime spot! A wild swimmer's dream.

6. What features do you look for in your swimwear?
Swimwear that’s comfortable and easy to move in. I also like bright colours and designs that feel fun, expressive and creative (so not the ordinary navy colours). I’m very creative by nature, so finding swimwear that helps me express my identity and personality is something I really value. I’m not afraid to stand out and wear bright and patterns when I swim.

7.   How often do you buy swimwear for wild swimming?
I’m still new to wild swimming, so I’m gradually adding pieces as I go along.

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7
8.  Do you have a wild swimming kit?
To be honest, not yet…! I started off swimming in a bikini I already owned. I borrow my swim buddy’s tow-float-come-dry-bag which helps me to feel safe in the water. I also have some swim socks on my list to help walking over rocks when we get into the lake. I love that I was able to get started without any special kit, and have the option to add pieces as I go.

9.  As a year long swimmer, how do you transition to swimming during the summer months to swimming in the winter?

Although I started swimming in the summer, I've noticed a huge difference in water temperature as we reached autumn. I understand there are a lot of risk factors with cold water swimming, and if anyone is interested in it, I recommend they do their research, go out with a group, and make sure they are safe.
For me, I'm a big advocate of The Wim Hof Method and I do his breathing techniques before I enter the water. Then, I ease myself into the cold water, keep focusing on my breathing, then start to swim.
While I'm in the water, I listen to my body, being conscious not to force myself beyond its limit. I can feel when it's time to get out. My swims are definitely shorter now!
My wild swimming friends are donning their wetsuits over their swimsuits as the temperature plummets. For me, I want to continue without those elements, wearing just my swimsuit, and simply shorten my swim. When it gets very very cold, I'll likely sit in the shallow part of the water and use it as an ice bath!


Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 7

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