Back in the swim #2

Back in the swim #2

 So, my first swimming lesson was fabulous! 



I learn't a lot about myself. And that was that i am emotionally and mentally stronger than I realised.



At first i was a bit worried because it has been a while since my last swim but as my instructor said it's like riding a bike, you never forget.



She was right! I had fabulous teacher and 2. I had a fabulous time! I was in my happy place.



Don't get me wrong i still need to build my confidence up but it was fun!



The plan for today was to assess where i'm at in my ability. Then the next plan was to iron out and improve my technique. (I must admit i learnt things i didn't know!)



This included correcting my body arm and head postitoning for each stroke. Who knew all these years that I was breathing wrong when i swim! I've always released the breath through my mouth. Instead I should have been breathing out through my nose!!



So i've taken notes, of things i have to work on, including using a basin to practise ducking my face in and blowing bubbles through my nose! Lol 😅🤣😂



My swimming strokes are fine, we also did pushing off, we looked at my butterfly and back stroke. Next stop is refining my front crawl!



I will continue to keep you updated with my journey xx.


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