Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 5

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. #blog 5

Swimmers and their connection to Wild swimming. 

Blog #5 Sarah Norquoy who is pictured wearing the Tiger Print swimsuit


1. First of all I'd like to ask you about your connection to wild swimming and how it makes you feel?
I'm a huge lover of the sea and always have been. Living on the island of Orkney I'm surrounded by it and am never short of places to swim wild. The fact I can swim in the outdoor freezing temperatures all year makes me feel empowered and proud of myself, it's an achievement. It sets me up for the day, helps me reset if I'm feeling stressed, energises and relaxes me.  There are so many benefits and improvements to my well being through this activity. 
2. How long have you been wild swimming for?
I began wild swimming in January of 2019 so I'm relatively new to the hobby but was an instant addict. 
3. How do you feel it benefits you, especially since you have taken up wild swimming? What changes have you seen in yourself? E.g are you calmer l, are you sleeping better?
There have been some incredible changes in me. I've begun to appreciate my body more now for what it enables me to do and not hate myself for my size. I'm a work in progress, but I've broken out of a box I didn't know I was contained in and it's wonderful to be less inhibited. I have purpose and focus now as I have such an enjoyable activity to fit into my day. Most importantly it helps me cope with the living grief of my mother's dementia diagnosis and caring for her alongside my dad. Wild swimming restores my soul, every time. It was such a powerful experience I published a book about it recently called Salt On My Skin. 

4. How often do you participate in wild swimming?
As often as I can. At least 5 days a week usually if not more. It's as natural to me as walking the dog. 

5. What features do you look for in your swimwear?
I like it to be flattering and fit well, supportive, and sustainable. 
6. How often you buy swimwear for wild swimming?
I paid a bit more for a good quality swimsuit but I've also not been able to resist a few others. It could easily become another addiction!
7. Do you have a wild swimming kit?
Yes I've learned tips and tricks over the months, especially for winter wild swimming. I like to wear shoes because of sharp and slippy rocks for getting in and almost always use a tow float. I'd be lost without my changing robe and carry my stuff around in a blue washing up bowl. Very glam!
Sarah has written a fabulous book called, 'Salt on my skin', an account of how In January 2019, Sarah’s world was shattered by the death of a close friend and her mother’s dementia diagnosis, both within the space of two weeks. In search of solace from her living grief, she turned to her newfound hobby of wild swimming 💙.
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