5 Tips for navigating through self isolation.

5 Tips for navigating through self isolation.

How has your week been. No doubt these are trying times! I have tried to be positive and this week I've reached a point where everything is working together including my daily routine.

1. A time table either daily or weekly.

One of my tips is, a daily plan is not just for children but helps me figure out what I need to do on a weekly basis.

2. Setting aside some time to meditate. This is important for your sanity and to take time to give thanks for all the good that you have and put the situation into perspective. 


Find an exercise that works for you. 

Be it a podcast or a piece of equipment you already have at home. A couple of minutes of Mr Motivator on a week day on BBC is a fun and great way to start the day!

4. Finding a hobby! I have some dried bluebells from my garden that have been drying for a few weeks that I have been experimenting with lighting and composition through photography. I'm also going to draw these as well. (Due to the popularity of the bluebell photos, I will be adding these to the shop as well in the near future so you can all enjoy them.)

5. Face time family and friends and making sure that everyone you know is ok. This is a great emotional tonic.

Well stay safe and well.

Sandra xx

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