Interview with Beccy the Founder of Chez Beccy

Interview with Beccy the Founder of Chez Beccy

Beccy of Chez Beccy

Hi Beccy, I love how joyful your work is, all gorgeous bright and cheery pieces! I'd love to ask you 5 questions to findout abit more about you and your business. 

1. I love that your a quintessential British brand and I'd love to know what and who your inspiration is for Chez Beccy? 

Thank you Sandra. My inspiration comes from the beautiful countryside around my home. I live in a lovely village surrounded by field. One of my favourite things to do is to go for a walk with a friend. Being outside is so good for my soul. It keeps me physically in good shape, de-stresses me and I love a good chat! I was so grateful in lockdown to have such easy access to nature.

Mental health and well being is really important to me, so as well as sharing ideas on how we can look after ourselves, I donate 10% of my profit to mental health charities.


2. As a fabulous quintessential British brand, are you made in the UK? 

All of my textiles are designed, printed and made in the UK. This year I have added some gorgeous jute and canvas bags to my product range. The bags are actually made in West Bengal by a social enterprise. It's a company that trains widows, who would otherwise have no access to training or work, in the male dominated art of bag stitching. It takes them 6 months to train, for which they are paid. After this time, they are offered a job, so they can support their families and send their children to school. The design is then added to each bag individually in my studio, so no two are the same!

3. I love that your pieces would look gorgeous in any kitchen and I'd love to know! Do you bake? 

Yes I love cooking and baking. I often share my recipes in my Chez Beccy newsletters. I love easy recipes that only have a few ingredients. I don't actually bake as much as I would like because I'm also very good at eating, so I'm trying to stick to mostly savoury!

Chez Beccy wearing her apron 

4. Are you a sustainable brand? 

Yes, I try and make my products as sustainable as possible. For my textiles I use digital printing which uses less ink and water than other more traditional methods of printing. It also means I can print exactly the right amount of fabric, so no waste here either. And all of my textiles are created here in the UK so keeping the air miles down to a minimum.

Canvas tote with 3 blue stars

5. Will you be producing some more gorgeous bags and love heart products? 


I always have lots of ideas! I have some fabulous new aprons and tea towels launching at the end of September. And I will have some exciting new bag designs following on shortly after that!


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You can SHOP Chez Beccy on her website or follow her on Instagram









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