How More than swim is working as a brand to combat water pollution


The fashion industry is the world's 2nd most polluting industry after Petroleum.

This includes using half a trillion gallons of fresh water in the dyeing of textiles.

These dyes are often discharged into nearby rivers and eventually lead into the sea.

These areas of pollution have shown a dramatic rise in diseases. Partly due to the use of highly toxic chemicals.


At More than swim I use a process where the prints are digitally heat...

I'm an Indie Business Awards Finalist!

Hi everyone 👋 I'm happy to announce that I'm a finalist in the Indie business awards!🥳 Voting has started!! Please vote for me here  I'd love for you to vote for me!! 🥰 ❤⠀

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I'm pleased to announce that More Than Swim UK is taking apart of the Indie Roller wearables Christmas market this Thursday!

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